CTL Components plc
CTL Components plc CTL Components plc CTL Components plc CTL Components plc

CTL Metalwork plc is one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of precision sheet metalwork. Its “one-stop-shop” sub-contracting service for fine-tolerance sheet metalwork, metal fabrication, powder coating, anodising, precision screen-printing and mechanical assembly is utilised by many of the country’s leading OEMs.

CTL MetalworkProducts manufactured are generally metal enclosures and front panels for electronic and electrical equipment. The customer base includes market-leaders in the Pro-Audio, Lighting, Telecommunication, Data Communication, Medical, Catering and Process Control sectors.

CTL’s strengths lie in the integration of punching, forming, finishing and printing, utilising the latest CAD/CAM processes to deliver prototype and production parts of the highest quality within short lead-times. These skills are also key in assisting customers to identify the most cost-effective methods to achieve design objectives.

CTL Metalwork plc sees itself not as a multi-customer “jobbing shop” but as an extension to the production lines of selected discerning customers who share similar quality and efficiency objectives.

CTL Metalwork plc is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and RoHS compliant.