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Established since 1935, London-based CTL Components Group plc operates two subsidiary companies - CTL Components plc and CTL Metalwork plc.

Electrical Cable AccessoriesCTL MetalworkCTL Components plc has two core operations:-

Electrical Division. The manufacture and world-wide distribution of Electrical Cable Accessories, most notably CTL’s ranges of resin cable joints and heatshrink cable joints and terminations. Click here to buy Cable Joints Online

Electronics Division. UK distribution of Electronic Components, most notably opto (light guides, bar graph arrays etc), electromechanical components (knobs, handles, switches etc), sensors and resisitors, along with Industrial Ethernet products.

CTL Metalwork plc provides “one-stop-shop” precision sheet metalwork subcontract services with in-house powder coating and screen printing. Specialising in metal enclosures and front panels for electronic equipment, this company operates at the top end of its sector and has an impressive Blue-Chip customer base.

The Group structure allows both companies to benefit from the economies of common overheads, which ensures competitiveness in today’s marketplace. The entire Group is acredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.