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CTL’s Skan-A-Matic range offers more than 100 photo sensors and controls covering five main product groups. These include through-beam and reflective sensors, individual control units, and self-contained types that combine sensor and control in one package.

Electronic ComponentsElectronic ComponentsOf special interest is the Skan-A-Matic L60 series of sub-miniature sensors for applications where space is at a premium. These sensors can detect objects as small as 0.5 mm at 915 mm separation.

The Enviro-Skan is designed for use in environments subject to severe temperatures, shock, or vibration, and where electrical interference of dangerous conditions may exist.

Also available are special purpose sensors. These can detect, for example, liquid levels and colours, or they can be furnished with fiber-optic probes to detect objects in inaccessible places.

In addition, custom-made sensors for specific applications can be designed and manufactured.