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CTL is the exclusive UK distributor of Zorn Precision Bulbs / Lamps. Established over fifty years ago and based in Germany, Zorn is the leading manufacturer in this market. Its bulbs are engineered to meet specific customer targtets such as brightness, mechanical and optical tolerances, lifetime and electrical consumption.

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In contrast to most other Light sources, an incandescent bulb emits an almost perfect colour spectrum (real white light); offers the optimum in optical tolerance and flexibility; and is an incredibly bright compact light source. Zorn’s brightest bulb to date emitts 250 Lumens, although customers generally require between 50 and 150 Lumens for their applications.

Zorn produce spherical and half-spherical bulbs with and without integrated lenses. Their bulbs incorporate the highest level of glass purity in order to avoid optical disturbances caused by bubbles, wall thickness variations, scratches or other non-conformities.

Zorn incorporate C6, double Helix, straight-wire and 2CR Filaments in order to meet customers’ demands. C6 Filaments eallow extremely high filament positional accuracy and therewith very tight illumination field tolerances.