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Flexible or Rigid LED-powered light tubes for low energy, long-life illumination.

  • Light tubes from CTL deliver many of the properties of fluorescent or cold cathode technologies but have all of the advantages of LEDs.
  • Either standard or hi-brightness LED-sourced light is input at each end of a crystal-clear light guide tube (both rigid and flexible versions are available). A printed reflective strip along the length of the tube delivers even, diffused and targeted light.
  • There are no "hot spots" of lights as found with LED strips.
  • Light tubes are suitable for multiple applications including:-
    dashArchitecture - stairs & edges, emergency lighting, ambience/decorative lighting,
    dashcove lighting, lift doors etc.
    dashIndustrial electronics - switchgear cabinet illumination, service light, danger signals etc.
    dashHousehold - illumination and backlighting of all kinds.
    dashAutomotive & marine - light curtains, signal lights, contour illumination,
    dashambience/decorative lighting.
  • The light guide tubes can be up to 700mm in length and either 6mm or 10mm diameter - other sizes available upon request.
  • Service life of around 50,000 hours to 50% brightness compares with typical tungsten bulb life of around 1,000 hours.
  • Brightness level of a 548mm ultra-white hi-brightness M-Tube is 250lx compared with 307lx from a typical 10W 500mm fluorescent tube.
  • Energy-efficient with minimal heat generation - in terms of cost per KWh, the hi-brightness version is 63% cheaper than fluorescent tube and 94% cheaper than tungsten bulbs (approximate).
  • Service life is unaffected by on/off actuations.
  • Immediate full luminosity (no warm-up).
  • Impervious to extremes of temperature - operating range -40ºC to +70ºC.
  • Available in red, green, blue, RGB and up to three Kelvins of white.
  • Standard LEDs or Hi-Brightness.
  • Dimmability of all LEDs and RGB colour control are possible using alternative power sources (not supplied).
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