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Jointer Training

CTL Electrical

CTL cable joints are good, but only as good as the people who install them! Thousands of jointers throughout the world have grown to appreciate the ease of working with CTL joints and often comment on the clear instructions, sensible designs with plenty of space and high quality components.

For those less experienced, CTL offers a comprehensive jointer training programme run by highly-qualified trainers. Sessions are either held at CTL’s London Head Office or at a client’s location anywhere in the world. From Hong Kong to Azerbaijan, there are hundreds of jointers who proudly display their certificates of competence which have been issued to them following the successful completion of one of CTL’s courses.

These courses vary in duration from one to five days and cover the theory and practical skills required to safely install cable joints and terminations up to 33kV, utilising both resin and heatshrink technologies.

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