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The manufacture and world-wide distribution of resin cable joints and heatshrink cable joints, terminations and accessories represents a core CTL activity. Over half of cable joint production is exported via a network of agents and the CTL brand commands respect throughout the world.

CTL Cable AccessoriesAs well as the given requirements of design, quality and price, it is the sheer breadth of CTL’s range of cable joints and cable accessories that provides customers with a reliable, authoritative and convenient one-stop-shop for all of their cable accessory needs. This web site alone lists nearly 100 variations of standard resin cable joints, almost all available immediately from stock. A “specials” service offers a further 400 variations to ensure that cable joints for almost any LV or MV cables can be supplied.

The ranges of resin cable joints are complemented by equally in-depth ranges of heatshrink cable joints & heatshrink terminations along with ancillairy cable accessories such as moulded heatshrink components, compresssion lugs, ferrules, mechanical connectors, tapes, compression tools and cable preparation tools.

As a result, CTL cable joints are approved by many international oil, telecom, rail and utility companies and CTL is the sole contracted supplier of cable joints and cable accessories to the UK Government’s Highways Agency.

CTL Cable Joints & Cable Accessories are tested to CENELEC and manufacatured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

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