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Compression Lugs & Ferrules

CTL Cable Lugs Ferrules and Tools

An especially comprehensive range of lugs and ferrules that is manufactured to the very highest standards. Matching mechanical, battery and hydraulic compression tools complement the range. Range highlights are shown below and a detailed 300 page catalogue is available upon request.

“R” range
Tin plated copper cable lugs, available with or without inspection holes in size range 6 mm² to 400 mm². Insulated, 45º and 90º angled variants also available.
Ferrules include “Butt”, “T” and “Cross” connector types.


DIN range
As above, with the added benefit of meeting DIN Standard 46235.


Aluminium cable lugs and ferrules
Aluminium lugs 16 mm² to 500 mm² with solid palm (suitable for outdoor terminations). DIN Standard 46329.
Aluminium lugs 10 mm² to 400 mm² suitable for indoor terminations. DIN Standard 48201.
Aluminium ferrules 10mm² to 500 mm². DIN Standard 48201.


Bi-metallic cable lugs and ferrules
Bi-metallic lugs 16 mm² to 300 mm² with solid copper palm. DIN Standard 48201.
Bi-metallic lugs10 mm² to 400 mm² with copper insert. DIN Standard 48201.
Bi-metallic ferrules 10mm² to 300 mm² including copper connecting bolt option.

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